“MAPTaC is a tribe like no other! MAPTaC has helped me grow as a trainer and build my business. If you want to be a professional and be good at it – this is the path for you!” 

In 2015, MAPTaC was founded over a Teh Tarik and Roti Canai Session, with the sole purpose to serve as a unified platform for the Malaysian Professional Trainers and Coaches to grow and stay inspired. The MAPTaC Community is steered by the purpose to inspire and champion training & coaching excellence, to advance the training and coaching profession and to make sustainable difference to individuals, organizations and the nation alike.

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The association lives true to its promise. Since its inception, MAPTaC has enriched a community of professional trainers and coaches, partnered with exceptional organizations and developed world class standards to transform and empower over thousands of trainers and coaches in Malaysia and has the appetite to empower more. MAPTaC is a congregation of professional trainers and coaches who use their words to not only motivate, educate, and entertain but also to uplift each other.

Be a part of us today! Let us elevate you to greater heights!

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Presidents’ Welcome

Dear Colleagues,

The leadership of the MAPTaC joins me in welcoming you.

It is a privilege to lead such an outstanding institution. As the nation’s leading authority in the training & coaching field, we pride ourselves in enhancing the knowledge, skills and abilities of the people who are leaders in the training and coaching field.

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MAPTaC is a diverse community, brought together by the shared pursuit of creating, disseminating, and preserving knowledge in training and coaching. As a community, we aim to push the boundaries of what is possible and strive for progress, with a whole-hearted effort and a commitment to high standards.

We recognize our responsibility to uplift the culture and the identity of the training /coaching society. This is in keeping with the MAPTaC’s vision and mission, under its EQUAL Pillar, to preserve the Speaking Communities’ heritage and enhance its values and identity.

In line with this aspiration , MAPTaC have embarked on a realignment campaign as a critical step in pursuing our vision of a well-connected, more involved organization where ideas are shared, relationships are developed and best practices are discovered. This initiative enables greater opportunities for growth, in addition to giving us the opportunity to refresh our direction.

My job as president is to listen to our members’ needs, further the mission of our organization and guide MAPTaC to bigger and better heights. I hope you will accompany me on our journey by supporting MAPTaC with your ideas and time, from now, through 2018 and beyond.
We welcome your voice and contribution, please email me directly.

Thank you.
Warmest regards,
Sunil Hasmukhary

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MAPTaC Leadership 2019/2020


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